RENEW – day 3





Speakers:Bartek KORZENIOWSKI: Static and active archiving – strategies of re-presenting new media artworks
Oliver GRAU: Contemporary (Media) Arts & the Humanities in our Democracies
Annet DEKKER: The value of authenticity for net art, a call for authentic allliances
Hanna Barbara HOLLING: Versions, variations, and variability. Possibilities and potentialities in the preservation of computer based art


11.15-13.00 : ARCHIVING – PANEL A

Magdalena NOWAK: KwieKulik Archive: Documenting and Preserving Art in Communist Poland
Morten SONDERGAARD: The Media Artist as Functionary: Show-Bix, Århus 1968-71
Leila TOPIC: From New Tendencies to new tendencies: Media art Collection of Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art
Grahame WEINBREN, Isaac DIMITROVSKY: Showing Artists’ Cinema in the 22nd Century
Ayça BAYARK: Rethinking Museums and the Role of New Media in Representation
Tjarda de HAAN: Project: re:DDS, a case study of webarcheology
Kathy Rae HUFFMAN: The archive as a personal exploration
Kristian LUKIC: Media Art, Commons and Artificial Scarcity


11.15-13.00 – PARADIGM SHIFT – PANEL B


SpeakersIlva SKULTE: Poetry is/or Art
Marialaura GHIDINI: Where the work is. Discussing post-media conditions after renewed approaches to online artistic production
Damien CHARRIERAS: The gamification of New Media Arts? The effectivities of video game engines in new media arts worlds
Emit Snake-BEINGS: DiY participatory culture: Allowing space for inefficiency, error and noise
Lauren FENTON: A Garden of Machines: human/technological entanglement and the emergence of robotic art

13.45-15.15 : ARCHIVING – PANEL B


SpeakersNina WENHART: speculative archiving. on piratical ethics and shelf corpses
John HOPKINS: The Energy of Archive
Paul FEIGELFELD: Friedrich Kittler’s Source Code as a Media-Historical Source
Frieder NAKE: Recording and Recoding
Anne LAFORET: Net art preservation : expiration date vs network eternity, using Jodi’s OSS/•••• as case study

13.34 – 15.15 : EE- HISTORIES – PANEL A


SpeakersAndrey SMIRNOV: Music out of Noise, Light and Paper
Adair ROUNTHWAITE: Document to Destroy? Traces of the Exhibition-Actions of the Grupa Šestorice Autora
Aneta PANEK: Paris – Berlin – Warsaw. Experimental Film in France, in Germany and in Poland in the 1970s and the 1980s. Experiment, Autonomy and Subversion
Silva KALCIC: Architecture and New Media Art / Media façades, video and light- installations in the context of Croatian Contemporary Arts
Vytautas MICHELKEVICIUS: Mapping and Archiving Lithuanian Media Art: Regional Failures and Achievements since 2000s

15.30-17.00 : ARCHIVING – ON CONSERVATION (in museums and in academia)


SpeakersJoanna PHILLIPS: Sustaining Media Art Collections: A New Focus in Conservation
Patrícia FALCAO: Managing Inherent Change
Martina PFENNINGER: Extending Contemporary Art Conservation
Agathe JARCZYK: Building the Foundations for a New Conservation Specialty

15.30 – 17.00 – EE-HISTORIES – PANEL B 


Speakers:Agnieszka JELEWSKA The Algorithms of New Democratisation. Polish Art in Digital Era
Slavo KREKOVIC Tracing Discontinuities: Writing Histories of Experimental Sound-based Media in Slovakia and Central/Eastern Europe
Andrew PATERSON Contextual Media Experiments: Locative axis between Finland and Latvia
Raivo KELOMEESConstructing Narrative in Interactive Documentaries

17.00-18.00 : ARCHIVING – PANEL C


speakersFrancesca FRANCO: Re:shaping new challenges – the origins and future of a series of interactive generative artworks by British artist Ernest Edmonds, 1980s-2000s
Aurelie HERBET: Immaterial art stock project: conservation challenges and issues of digital art works carried out in online immersive platforms
Laura LEUZZI: Italian video art centres and archives: a treasure yet to discover
Angela BARTHOLOMEW: Chronicling Closure: Digital Initiatives and Virtual Visibility at the Stedelijk Museum (2004-2011)
Geoff COX, Joasia KRYSA, Nicolas MALAVE, Michael MURTAUGH: Acting on/with the Archive: its potential as computational form
Clarisse BARDIOT: A video-annotation software to document digital performances
Sandra FAUCONNIER: The CD-ROM Cabinet: a non-institutional documentation and preservation initiative
Ianina PRUDENKO: Ukrainian media art. Experience of archiving Ricardo Dal FARRA: e-arts conservation: between ethical concerns and practical strategies
Grayson COOKE, Amanda REICHELT-BRUCHETT: Materiality and Digitality en mal d’archive: the “after | image” project
Kari YLI-ANNALA: From Helsinki Film workshop to VILKE, artists media art collection
Jana WEDEKIND: ON:meedi:a – Online Multimedia Archiving for New Media Art
Heinz-Günter KUPER, Jens-Martin LOEBEL: HyperImage 3.0: Of Layers, Labels and Links

17.00-18.00 : EE-HISTORIES – PANEL C


Speakers:Barbora SEDIVA, Katarina GATIALOVA REMAKE: REthinking Media Arts in C(K)ollaborative Environments
Aleksandra KAMINSKA Hypermediation in the Ruins of Socialism, Or, Concrete Legacies in an Age of Fiction
Peter Tomaz DOBRILA KIBLA 20 years: The Oldest New Media Centre
Irene MACHANDO Cinematic montage and the emergency of media iconic languages

9.30-18.00 – POSTER SESSION: Archiving+Paradigm shift+EE histories

Speakers:Canan HASTIK, Arnd STEINMETZ, Bernhard THULL: Using cidon crm for real-time audiovisual art
Christina VATSELLA: Conserving the new media installation: the challenges of the monitor
Lauren HINKSON: Douglas Wheeler’s Infinity Rooms: Unrealized Media Art History
Heba AMIN: Voices from the Revolution
Esteban GARCIA: Photo and Palette: Early Pixel-Based Computer Art
Jacek SMOLICKI: The role of Sound art as an archiving practice
Laura POTROVIC, Darko JEFTIC: Network in Movement: Movement Museum, Body, Breath, Gaze Multi-museum, Autopoiesis, Transformation, Liminality, Emergence, Presence Trans-museum
Valentino CATRICALA, Elio UGENTI: Recreating Imaginary. Strategies of Preservation, Archiviation and Reuse of Media Art Histories
Sandra MARTORELL, Fernando CANET: The Internet as a Place for Discussion and Preservation of the Art of Film
Franziska HANNß, Esther LAPCZYNA, Rainer GROH: The body-perceiving museum