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re:place 2007
The Second International Conference on the
Histories of Media, Art, Science and Technology

Location: Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
Dates: 15-18 November 2007

re:place 2007, the Second International Conference on the Histories of Media, Art, Science and Technology, will take place in Berlin from 15 – 18 November 2007 as a project of Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH in cooperation with Haus der Kulturen der Welt. This conference is a sequel to ‘Refresh!’, the first in this series, chaired by Oliver Grau and produced by the Database of Virtual Art, Leonardo, and Banff New Media Institute, and held at the Banff Center in Canada in September 2005, which brought together several hundred artists, scientists, researchers, curators and theoreticians of different disciplines.

re:place 2007 will be an international forum for the presentation and the discussion of exemplary approaches to the rapport between art, media, science and technology. With the title, ‘re:place’, we propose a thematic focus on locatedness and the migration of knowledge and knowledge production in the interdisciplinary contexts of art, historiography, science and technology.

re:place 2007 is a project of Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH in cooperation with Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin. Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin.

Conference chairs:
Andreas Broeckmann (Germany), Gunalan Nadarajan (Singapore/USA)

re:place 2007 Advisory Board 


Inke ARNS, Dortmund; Horst BREDEKAMP, Berlin; Paul BROWN, London/Cotton Tree; Annick BUREAUD, Paris; Dieter DANIELS, Leipzig; Sara DIAMOND, Toronto; Diana DOMINGUES, Caxias do Sul; Timothy DRUCKREY, New York; Jean GAGNON, Montreal; Oliver GRAU, Krems; Linda D. HENDERSON, Austin; Erkki HUHTAMO, Los Angeles; Douglas KAHN, Davis; Ángel KALENBERG, Montevideo; Ryszard KLUSZCZYNSKI, Lodz; Machiko KUSAHARA, Tokyo; Sarat MAHARAJ, London; Roger MALINA, Paris; W.J.T. MITCHELL, Chicago; Christiane PAUL, New York; Miklos PETERNAK, Budapest; Edward SHANKEN, Savannah; Barbara STAFFORD, Chicago; Jeffrey SHAW, Sydney; Peter WEIBEL, Karlsruhe; Steven WILSON, San Francisco; Siegfried ZIELINSKI, Berlin

Conference Partners

at Danube University Krems’ Department for Image Science

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute Media.Art.Research
, and others.

Supported by Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin – CzechPoint and Schwedische Botschaft Berlin.