Ph.d. Summer Camp

Summer Camp, August 12 - 16, 2019 in collaboration with CATCH / CLICK Festival in Elsinor, Denmark


The summer camp contributes to and takes place prior to the international conference RE:SOUND - Sound, Media and Art – Theories, Histories, Practices”, which takes place at Aalborg University 20-23 August 2019. The summer camp aims to engage research in a broad sense of the word and thus invites artistic and practice-based as well as curatorial and theoretical approaches. The practice-based results from the workshop will be exhibited in the CATCH project space in Elsinore August 17-18 and in Aalborg during the conference.

Deadline for proposals TBA very soon


  • Majken Overgaard, Program Chair, CATCH
  • Laura Beloff, IT-U
  • Morten Søndergaard, AAU, Erasmus Media Arts Cultures


The summer camp will focus on new materials and means of new production as a result of new technologies. Currently new technologies have changed the way we produce. During the camps we will investigate whether it is possible to develop novel structures or alternatives to the contemporary ways of organizing production and consumption? We will investigate how artistic approaches can be implemented into, extend, or disrupt production, distribution, and financial processes.

We will focus on:

  • Sound as a new material
  • Organic matter and soft robotics
  • Data as material
  • The conceptual horizons and thresholds of matters in flux

Target Group

We welcome artists, designers, hackers, curators, makers, company representatives and art historians to join.

We have organized the summer camp is organized along three overall tracks:

  1. Curatorial perspectives and practices - in an age of Technogenesis. Track chair: Morten Søndergaard
  2. Practice-based research in art & design. Track chair: Laura Beloff
  3. Media art historical lineages - between theory and creative practises. Track chair: TBA