to the book Imagery in the 21st Century

Credits of images on website for Imagery inthe 21st Century

Figure 1: The Conversation Prism,, creative commons

Figure 2: Atelier Torce 2007 / 2009 – Illumesh,

Figure 3: Daniel White 2009, Mandelbulb 3D, by kind permission,

Figure 4: For insight in the increasing variety of different visualization methods across the disciplines take a look at:, by kind permission of Manuel Lima

Figure 5: Eduardo Kac, Genesis, 1999. Transgenic work with live video, light box, microvideo camera, petri dish with Genesis gene, website. Edition of 2. Dimensions variable. Collection Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno—IVAM, Valencia. Copyright Eduardo Kac

Figure 6: Molotov Alva, Copyright Submarine, by kind permission of the artist

Figure 7: Evolution of engineering representations of flow in a simulated brain aneurysm, with corresponding angiogram suggesting the clinical consequence. Panel C adapted from Steinman et al. (2003). Copyright Steinman

Figure 8: The “reacTable” is played by manipulating several tangible synthesizer modules on its round interactive table surface. Photo and Copyright Xavier Sivecas

Figure 9: The Weather Project, 2003, Copyright: Olafur Eliasson, by kind permission of the artist

Figure 10: the Warburg argument, followed from within the HyperImage Reader, from image detail to corresponding image detail. Copyright Warnke.

Figure 11: Database of Virtual Art, 1999 – 2009 (Screenshot)