Re : Act 2017

The 7th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology: « Re : Act 2017 » will discuss the status of socio-spatial key categories such as space, place, territory, borders, movement and mobility. Adams and Jansson (2012) discuss five such trends, which indicate the close relationship between mediatization and socio-spatial transformations :

« • Mediated/mediatized mobility, which blurs the distinctions between texts and contexts; between symbolic and material spaces, and makes the settings of media use (production and consumption) increasingly  fluid.

• Technological convergence, which makes various kinds of content flow more or less frictionless between and across platforms and spaces.

• Interactivity, which dissolves some of the lines of division between producers and consumers, and displaces the position of the ‘‘author.’’

• New interfaces, through which the user’s interaction with the media may come closer to the body, whereas the mutual adaptation of software and user leads to various representational extensions of the Self.

• Automation of surveillance, through which the distinctions between those watching and those being watched partly dissolve, and user-generated data, which affect the spacing and timing of social practices, circulate through more or less diffuse, de-territorialized assemblages. »