Darko Fritz has curated numerous exhibitions and edited companion exhibition catalogues for print and web publication, including I am Still Alive (early computer-generated art and recent low-tech and internet art), 2000; Variable Amnesia, 2006; Bit International - Computers and Visual Research, New Tendencies, Zagreb 1961—1973, Neue Galerie, 2007 and ZKM, 2008. He has presented research on early digital art at many conferences, including ISEA 2000, Paris, 2000; Stuttgart 1960, Computer in Theorie und Kunst, Stuttgart, 2004 and REFRESH!, Banff, 2005. As editor for media art at Culturenet, he published "A Brief Overview of Media Art in Croatia (Since the 1960s)" in 2002. He published “Amnesia International - Early computer art and Tendencies movement” at the Bitomatik by kuda.org, Novi Sad in 2004 and “Vladimir Bonac¹ic´” at the Man and Space magazine, Zagreb in 2006.
He is founder and programmer of the gray) (area – space of contemporary and media art since 2006.