Maude Ligier

Currently: Candidate for a Doctorate in Contemporary Art History at University Paris-IV Sorbonne. Prepare a thesis of State on the work of Nicolas Schöffer, “NICOLAS SCHÖFFER (1912-1992), MONOGRAPH AND CATALOGUE RAISONNÉ OF SCULPTURE WORK (1948-1975)”, under the supervision of Serge Lemoine, president of the museum of Orsay, and the joint management of Robert Belot, professor of the universities, director of the laboratory RECITS, UTBM. Part-time professor to the UTBM at the humanities department.

Publications: “Nicolas Schöffer, an artiste vis-a-vis the technic “, Cahiers de RECITS, n°4, 2006, UTBM.
Author of the MONOGRAPH, Schöffer, Presses du réel, Dijon, June 2004, 288p.

Communications: “Technophobia and Technophilia : Two faces of the same coin ? When technology joins ‘Anti-Art’ “, 33rd symposium of the ICOHTEC, Leicester, U.K., 15-20 August 2006. With INHA supports.

Exhibitions: Curator of the exhibition “Schöffer, Ballets of lights”, Spaces EDF Electra, Paris, May 12 to September 11, 2005.