RE:SOUND themes

General theme framings:
The histo-ecologies, -geologies and -archaeologies of media art.
– streams/tracks:
1) Resounding Media Art: What do we give back/praise (onto-archival concerns)?
2) Media Art’s Echo: Theoretical and epistemological concerns
3) Resonant media: Media Art and society
4) Media Poetic Visions
5) Revisiting Rudolf Arnheim
6) New Academic Practice-formats 1: Art-based research

Specialized theme framings:
A. The Role of Sound in Media Art histories– streams/tracks:
1) sound art histories
2) objects, ontologies, ecologies
3) Geology of sonicities and tempor(e)alieties;
4) New listenings and sonic imaginaries
5) New Academic Practice-formats 2: The Audio Paper Track
6) Resounding Sound/Art Experiments (for exhibition and concerts)