Art Track

Here you can find information about Art Track: workshops, listening lounges, performances, exhibitions, and art works.

Jordan Lacey

Ruptured Landscapes (2019)

Amanda Gutierrez

Soundwalk  (2019)

Julieanna Preston and Max McAlpine (research assistant)

breath-taking (2019)

Justin Bennett

Filters from Multiplicity (2017)

Claudia Robles-Angel

SKIN II (2018)

Leena Lee (Lena Ortega Atristain)

Environments in the Air 002 (2019)

Polly Stanton

Between Two Suns (2017)

Iris Garrelfs

Listening Wall (2017)

Angélica Piedrahita and Erick Vázquez

Heartprint: Acoustic Tactics (2019)

Angélica Piedrahita

Stereo Nostalgia and Telematic Rides Along the Caribbean (2017)


One Breath Poem (2018)

Anna Walker

Six Fragments (2015-2017)

Budhaditya Chattopadhyay

Exile and Other Syndromes (2019)

Ian Costabile

Sound Graffiti

Gilles Aubry

Salam Godzilla (2019)

Willard Van De Bogart & Lemon DeGeorge

Language of Life (2019)