Keynote Speakers

Here you can find information about all the keynote speakers and their topics.

Jamie Allen (CA)

The media arts seem quite concerned with a particular set of binaries: mediums and messages, contexts and contents, forms and functions. These dualities seem endlessly fascinating, as they allow for repeated reassertions of materialist reveals...

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Salomé Voegelin (UK)

This keynote as curatorial performance brings the heard and its audition into the sphere of things rather than into the context of their name and function. It joins a current debate on new materialism by developing via sound...

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Christoph Cox (US)

In this talk, I present an overview of sonic materialism and foreground its political dimension. I contrast this materialist position with alternative positions such as object-oriented ontology and prominent versions of poststructuralism. Sonic materialism, I argue, necessitates attention to several...

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Marie Højlund (DK)

Working with sonic interaction design and sound art in various public spaces call for an ecological and enactive methodology entailing investigations of actors and their interrelations with their respective environments as attuning and explorative agents...

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Samson Young (HK)

On the occasion of RE:SOUND 2019, artist Samson Young will present a lecture-performance that centres on the concept of echoic mimicry from social psychology...

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Panel: Conversation with Sound Art Curators

Chaired by Liora Belford and Jason van Eyk

How have curators helped advance investigations into the production, positioning, exhibition and reception of what we call Sound Art? How has their treatment of a diverse array of sonic practices enriched our modes of inquiry and means of knowledge mobilization?

Track 5 Co-Chairs Liora Belford and Jason van Eyk invite a diverse group of international Sound Art curators for an open, moderated discussion to answer these questions. Together, they will explore the critical histories, positions and strategies that inform their practice.

Panelists include Barbara London–MoMA's media art curator emerita; Arnau Horta–Barcelona-based curator/critic/researcher and collaborator with MACBA and the Reina Sofia; RE:SOUND conference chair Dr. Morten Søndergaard, Associate Professor and Curator/Creator of Interactive Media Art at Aalborg University; and Dr. Salomé Voegelin–artist, writer and un-curator engaged in curatorial performances, London College of Communication.

Barbara London

Barbara London is a curator and writer who founded the video exhibition and collection programs at The Museum of Modern Art, where she worked between

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Arnau Horta

Arnau Horta is an independent curator, art critic, journalist and researcher specialized in the roles of listening in contemporary art practices.

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Morten Søndergaard

Morten Søndergaard is Associate Professor and Curator/Creator of Interactive Media Art at Aalborg University, Denmark

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Salomé Voegelin

Salomé Voegelin is an artist and writer engaged in listening as a socio-political practice of sound. Her work and writing deal with sound, the world sound makes: its aesthetic, social and

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