Track 8: Archive, Archives, Archiving

Track Chairs: Carlos Rosas, Morten Søndergaard, with Rodrigo Guzmán.

This track calls for proposals that address the situation, histories, and current / future challenges of archives of media art, Topics might include: the challenges of archiving sound, archiving v. collecting, the material/medial condition of archives in general and of sonic objects in particular, leaking archives, post-digital and post-institutional archives.

This track welcome proposals which address the theme in general or one of the specified session themes below. 

1. Session: The post-institutional archive / experience: The Writing and (Un)writing of Mediated Art in an Age of Technogenesis – Morten Søndergaard

This session calls for proposals that address the status and future of the growing number of post-institutional archives that collect representations of technogenesis. In those archives are often found traces or materials from mediated artforms, typically documentation and antiquated machines/software of various kinds. What strategies are at play here? And how do we access them? What do post-institutional archive / experience look like? And what memories do they (un)write?

2. Session: Archive Leakages – Carlos Rosas

This session calls for proposals that will look into the notions of sound and leakage in archives (data corruption, loss, erasure, containment), thus exploring “sound” methodologies and scholarship that includes oral history within media art history. How does “playing by ear” relate to history and archives? We are looking for papers and/or participation (experimental presentations or performances) that will contribute to the session and culminate in an online exhibition and archive.