Rewire – day 2 – Sept 29, 2011


9.30 – 11.30: SESSION 5

Panel A: Institutions, cultural memory and canons

CHAIR: Sarah Cook

Robin Oppenheimer, 9 Evenings: Theater & Engineering: Recovering Digital Culture’s Collaborative Roots

Christophe Leclercq and Paul Girard, The Experiments in Art and Technology Digital Archive

Sara Diamond, Euphoria and Dystopia: The Banff New Media Institute Dialogues, 1995-2005

Ben Halsall,  The digital grandmother: shifting patterns in the fomation of global and local creative communities.

Sarah Todd, Anatomy of an Artist-Run Media Arts Archive : 1969 – Present


Panel B: History, memory, documentation

CHAIR: Mike Stubbs

Monika Górska-Olesińska, Playable texts as tools for critical analysis of experimental strategies in a field of language art

Axel Roch, Marcel Duchamp VS Claude Shannon: Chess, Cycles, and Juggling in Art and Media.

Victoria Bradbury, The Colonial Vegetables Sewn Sampler and Blue Boar: Remapping Histories through New Media

Leonie Cooper, Memories of a virtual world: Thinking through those things that remain

Gabriela Galati, Non-Linear Models: Camilo’s Theater of Memory & Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas as Archive Models for Thinking and Writing on New Media Art History


Panel C: Local histories

CHAIR: Laura Sillars

Janice Robertson, Aztec Picture-Writing Meets Hypermedia and a “New World” of Writing Opens Up

Margrét Ólafsdóttir, Media Art in Iceland : a case study

Darko Fritz, Beginning of computer-generated art in the Netherlands

David Teh, New/media/art in Thailand: expanded history for an expanded field

Jung-Yeon Ma, A Very ‘Superficial’ History of Media Art in Japan


11.30 – 11.45: Tea/coffee


11.45 – 13.10: SESSION 6

Panel A: Precursors (digital effects)

CHAIR: Steve Partridge

Maria Lakka, Synaesthesia in the American avant-garde film: two approaches

Katie Day Good, Early Convergence: Audio Slideshows and “New Media” Storytelling at American Newspapers, 1923-1931

Birk Weiberg, Classical Hollywood Cinema as an Epistemological Network


Panel B: Art now 2

CHAIR: Sarah Cook

Tomohiro Ueshiba, Early video installations of Dumb Type

Susan Elizabeth Ryan, Dress Acts: Wearable Technology and Virtuosity

Jackie Calderwood, Navigating Metaphor: Locative media and symbolic landscape

Chris Meigh-Andrews, The Monument Project


13.00 – 14.00: Lunch


14.00 – 15.40: SESSION 7

Panel A: Science and Technology studies

CHAIR: Charlie Gere

Karen Cham, The Convergence of Complex Systems Science and Art Practice in the Computational Arts

Gabriel Menotti, The interpenetrating boundaries between coding and computation during livecoding performance

Rebecca Uchill, Technologies of the Social: The Contemporary Art Exhibition in Formation of its Publics

Pau Alsina, Pau Waelder and Natalia Cantó, Towards a material-semiotic network approach in the History of Media Art: BioArt as a case study.


Panel B: The spaces of art (internet)

CHAIR: Christiane Paul

Jeremy Pilcher, Internet Art as a Critique of the Legal Regulation of Digital Society

Meredith Godley, Performance Art and YouTube Vlogging

Camille Paloque Berges, The art of documenting online experience : Internet art and culture in relation to concepts in information sience

Jenny Steele, ‘Redirection and Network Timeout’– Occupation of internet architecture and physical architecture in Chinese municipality of Chongqing’


Panel C: Case studies (identity and exhibition making)

CHAIR: Laura Sillars

Robin Peckham and Venus Lau, Curatorial discourse and new media in contemporary China

Alice Ming Wai Jim, How Do Non-Western Histories of Media Art and Global Art History Interact?

Dot Tuer,  Divergent Circuitries: Staking a claim for Tucumán Arde in New Media History

Josei Nagayassu and Ana Gabriela Godinho Lima, The new paradigm represented by the digital sketches in architecture


14.00 – 16.30: Workshop

Media Art Histories Archive Roundtable, convened by Ross Harley  and  Paul Thomas


15.40 – 16.00: Tea/coffee


16.00 – 17.40: SESSION 8

Panel A: Blindspots (pioneers)

CHAIR: Paul Brown

Elaine O’Hanrahan, Desmond Paul Henry: Computer Art’s ‘missing link’

Caroline Langill, Another Dimension & Another Dimension II: A missed opportunity

Silvana Vassallo, Italian interactive installation art: an assessment of the pioneering works of Studio Azzurro, Giacomo Verde, Mario Canali e Piero Gilardi.

Annet Dekker, Enjoying the gap. Strategies for documenting net art


Panel B: The craft of art (gaming)

CHAIR: Sara Diamond

William Lockett, Tonalities of Protention: Temporal Horizons and Game-Space

Katja Kwastek, “Myron did it first” – Does Nintendo do it better?

Felicity Colman, Notes on post-industrial gaming : the new machinic aesthetic

Jonathan Lessard, Game genres adapting to technology: understanding the success and decline of adventure games


Panel C: The spaces of art (labs)

CHAIR: Charlie Gere / Sarah Cook

Rosana Horio Monteiro, Artists-in-labs: a Portuguese experience

Nicholas Lambert, Rebels in research labs? The role of artists in the early development of American computer graphics, 1965-1980

Peter Richardson, Herding Cats to Infinity

Charlotte Frost, Furtherfield, Seeing and Doing


18.00 – 20.00: Performance

AND Festival Opening, FACT and Black-E


20.00: Close