Media Arts : Histories and Futures

The MediaArtHistories MA at Danube University is the only international Master of Arts program focusing on preparing art professionals and researchers through a deep exploration of the diverse histories of Media Art, Science and Technology.

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  • Content

    Courses cover subjects such as net art, interactive, telematic and genetic art as well as the most recent reflections on nano art, bio and transgenic art, video games, early computer graphics and animation, VR, AR & Intelligent Environments, hacktivism and tactical media, performance, glitch art and the art of interfaces and robotics. Media Art History offers a basis for understanding evolutionary history of audiovisual media, from historic examples such as the Laterna Magica of the 17th century to the algorithmic art of recent decades. It introduces to the main festivals and market. Key approaches and methods from Image Science, Media Archaeology, Sound Studies and the History of Science & Technology and Digital Gender Theory are explored in depth.
  • Danube University

    located 70km from Vienna in the UNESCO world heritage Wachau region, Danube University is the only public university in Europe specializing in advanced continuing education by offering low-residency degree programs for working professionals and life-long learners. The University’s Center for Image Science is housed in the Göttweig Monastery, a 14th century building remodeled to fit the needs of modern media arts research in singular surroundings. The Department for Image Science holds important resources of the field like the largest international archive of digital art: www.digitalartarchive.at and the MediaArtHistories Conference Archive www.mediaarthistory.org/maharchive
  • Students

    MediaArtHistories coursework is held in English. Acceptance into the program requires either a Bachelor’s degree (or higher), or equivalent relevant work experience. Students may travel to Europe twice a year for ten-day blocks of study, or can be eligible for student visas for year-round residency. Thus, working professionals can maintain their usual employment, and students entering directly after a Bachelor’s degree will have opportunity to gain valuable career experience while they study. International students to our program have come from locations including Canada, Hong Kong, Ukraine, USA, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Iceland, Russia, Egypt, Germany, Austria, Korea and Mexico. www.donau-uni.ac.at/mahstudents
  • Modules

    Aug 29-Sept 8, 2015 – December 1-10, 2015 – May 5-10, 2016 – October 1-10, 2016.
  • Application

    application form, a letter of motivation, copies of previous degree(s), copy of passport and a Europass CV. An application interview is required, which may be conducted in person or through internet videoconferencing.
  • Funding

    of resources available to help prospective students fund their studies.

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