Networked Art

Histories of networked art and media technologies

  • Networked art – Plenary Session (Oct 9, 9:30 – 11:00)

Roddy HUNTER. Curating the Network-as-Artwork after Globalisation
David THOMAS. The Crystal Stereoscope: The Architectural Reconstruction of Vision
Rachel O’DWYER. Spectres of the common: a historical overview of radio space
Mikhel PROULX. Ambiguous Images in Disambiguous Networks

  • Networked Art – Panel A (Oct 9, 11:15 – 13:00)

Nanette HOOGSLAG. The material image
Darko FRITZ. Agents of social and political change in the early digital arts from the Netherlands
Katja KWASTEK, Kevin HAMILTON. Slow Media Art
Ksenia FEDOROVA. Transmediality, Transduction and Aesthetics of the Technological Sublime
Brogan BUNT. Walking as Mediation: Experiments in Non-Technological Media Art

  • Networked Art – Panel B (Oct 9, 13:45 – 15:15)

Ernest EDMONDS. Network Art at the Birth of the Internet
Yara GUASQUE. Perforum Desterro and Perforum São Paulo: reconsidering the collaboration between the periphery and the center /
Margret Elisabet OLAFSDOTTIR. The Roth-Fillou-Palsson connection as networking art
Timo KAHLEN. Signal-To-Noise, 2011
Annick BUREAUD. Pre Internet Art: Art and Minitel in France in the 80’s. A Fragmented History

  • Networked Art – Panel C1: New Media Memory (Oct 9, 15:30 – 17:00)

Richard BARBROOK. Network Art at the Birth of the Internet
Eva PASCOE. Cyberia: the world’s 1st cybercafe
Jim BOULTON. Digital Archaeology Project

  • Networked Art – Presentation Session (Oct 9, 17:00 – 18:00)

Oliver GINGRICH. Holographic Projection Art – 1863 – 2013
Aymeric MANSOUX. Tales of Copyleft
Jamie ALLEN, Ryan JORDAN. Signal Aesthetics
Alex BARCHIESI. caotica_lex: a hybrid emergent system for DISTRactive experiences
José OLIVEIRA. The Art of Systems and the Systems of Art: Theories and Practices
Daniela CATONA. Presence and Absence – The Body and the New Media

  • Networked Art – Poster Session (Oct 9, 9:20 – 18:00 all day)

Laura POTROVIC, Darko JEFTIC. Network in Movement: Movement Museum, Body, Breath, Gaze Multi-museum, Autopoiesis, Transformation, Liminality, Emergence, Presence Trans-museum
immersive multimedia technologies as surgery on space or vivisection of realities?
Jānis GARANČS. Immersive multimedia technologies as surgery on space or vivisection of realities?
Rajashree BISWAL. Politics and dynamics of web art in India in the post 90s
Ayhan AYTES. Intelligent Machines: Mediating the Boundary between the Human and the Nonhuman
Esteban GARCIA. Photo and Palette: Early Pixel-Based Computer Art
Lauren HINKSON. Douglas Wheeler’s Infinity Rooms: Unrealized Media Art History
Daniela de PAULIS. OPTICKS and Visual Moonbounce
Simon HAGEMANN. Aspects of the communication network in performance arts: connectivity, cultural and human exchange, power relations