Jasia Reichardt is a writer on art and an exhibition organiser. She was born in Poland, educated in England and has lived in London most of her life. She was Assistant Director of the ICA in London, 1963-71, and Director of the Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1974-76. She has taught at the Architectural Association and other colleges, has written for most of the international art magazines and has contributed to many international exhibitions and conferences throughout the world. She is principally interested in the relationship between art and science, art and technology, art and the history of ideas and this is why some of her best known exhibitions, such as Between Poetry and Painting (1965) and Cybernetic Serendipity (1968), were about the connections between one field and another. She has written several books, including The Computer in Art (1971), and Robots - Fact, Fiction and Prediction (1978), and edited Cybernetics, Art and Ideas (1971). She also worked on visualisation of mathematics, a project called, Fantasia Mathematica. In 1982, she was President of a conference on The Power of Fashion in Art & Science, for the British Association for the Advancement of Science, of whose committee she was a member 1982-92, and for whom she has since made two slideshows: Before and After the Future (1984) and Humour, Laughter and Folly (1987). She was one of the directors of ARTEC (art and technology) biennale in Japan 1989-1998. In 1998 staged an exhibition called Electronically Yours, about electronic portraiture, at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. She continues to pursue her interests in the relationship of art and technology. Since 1988 she has been looking after the Themerson Archive, the archive of a writer and an artist, whose avant-garde publishing company, Gaberbocchus Press, launched a Common Room for artists interested in science and scientists interested in the arts in 1957.