Abstract- From scenography to planetary network

Spectacular and technological, between the historic Avant-Garde and Post-Modernity, Jacques Polieri crosses and deconstructs data. Since the scenographic design of his shows is more complex than simply decorating space, the theatrical scenes pass from the actor to the avatars, from movement to mathematics, by means of multiple interconnections. Even though he produced his Interactive communication games between New York, Tokyo and Cannes by projecting a "Man Machine Interface" in 1983, these 1960s projects are considered utopian. Even so, his Gyroscopic Satellite Room is a perfect opportunity to radically rethink creative space part and parcel of a search outside strictly contemporary limits. Besides, as early as 1963 he thought that "since some actions take place at some very far distances on one hand, some others could equally be contemplated thanks to TV technology. No doubt, the inclination, rotation, orbits and movements of planetary systems make up the actual geometrical structure of a future scenography". So perhaps the progressive integration of technology into his research is at the heart of a new development that is not only part of a modernization of art through a mutation linked to the new media, but also opens up an infinite virtuality.