Abstract - Database of Virtual Art - For an Expanded Concept of Documentation

The Database of Virtual Art documents the rapidly evolving field of digital installation art. This complex, research-oriented overview of immersive, interactive, telematic and genetic art has been developed in cooperation with established media artists, researchers and institutions. The web-based, cost-free instrument allows individuals to post and edit material themselves. Compiling video documentation, technical data, interfaces, displays, and literature offers a unique answer to the needs of the field. All works can be linked with exhibiting institutions, events, and bibliographical references. Over time the richly interlinked data will also serve as a predesessor for the crucial systematic preservation of this art. This paper will offer a brief survey of the technical basics of the exclusively open-source-based solution and sketch the prospects of future improvement. Special attention will be given to the further development of the application into a platform of discourse that supplies all the information needed for a profound analysis of digital media art.