Andreas Broeckmann (*1964) lives and works in Berlin. Since the autumn of 2000 he has been the Artistic Director of transmediale - festival for art and digital culture berlin. With its 35.000 visitors, transmediale is one of the major venues for the presentation and discussion of media art in Europe. The festival has paid particular attention to recent debates about the understanding of media art and its latest developments, incl. electronic music, software art and locative media. Broeckmann studied art history, sociology and media studies in Germany and Britain. He worked as a project manager at V2_Organisation Rotterdam, Institute for the Unstable Media, from 1995-2000. He co-maintains the Spectre mailing list and is a member of the Berlin-based media association mikro, and of the European Cultural Backbone, a network of media centres. In university courses, curatorial projects and lectures he deals with media art, digital culture and an aesthetics of the machinic. [][]