Abstract- Cross Cultural Interdisciplinary Initiatives

The presentation -based on two decades of personal experience-, is focused on cross-cultural, interdisciplinary collaborations. Current case studies include the Aurora Public Feast at the Finnish Heureka Science Museum, investigating an alternate presentation mode for re-presenting natural phenomena such as the Northern Lights. The Lindart collaboration in Albania displays pioneering events including digital workshops. Local needs and probabilities dictated these ongoing projects.The collaboration is aimed to create opportunities for increased Albanian involvement in digital culture.The projects included the Windows and Curtains digital story-telling, the Medieval Unreality game workshop as well as the Girls and Guns exhibition. Resonance the Electromagnetic Bodies modular touring project, based on Nicola Tesla's scientific concepts (manifested in six countries) demonstrates yet another varietyof international collaboration.A wide variety of professional including artists, communication professionals and scientists have participated in these case studies. It will be explored how these wide ranging initiatives address cultural differences. Is there a detectable methodology?How does the politics of spatial perception and practice influence collaborative practice? While interdisciplinary collaborations are growing at a phenomenal rate and investigation and critical analysis of issues surrindings these initiatives remain of crucial importance.