Charlotte Frost is Currently a PhD student at The School of History of Art, Film and Visual Media, Birkbeck College, University of London with Charlie Gere - looking at the emergent practices of contextualisation integral to/catalysed by Net art, and how this affects the history of art as a discipline. Editor of Furthertxt, a text-based contextualisation of Digital/New Media/Net Art. Regular writer for Rhizome, including reviews and Net Art News. 2005 - Volunatry organiser of NODE.London, the 2006 London season of Media Arts. Book Review on New Media Art: Practice and Context in the UK 1994-2004 edited by Lucy Kimbell for Rhizome. 2004 - ISEA Panellist on The Mailing List Phenomenon. Guest on Empyre, topic Network-O-Mania. Low-Fi Guest Selector on 'list culture'. Book review on Internet Art: The Online Clash of Culture and Commerce by Julian Stallabrass for Rhizome.