Abstract- Web Biennial: International Contemporary Art Exhibition for and on the World Wide Web

Web Biennial is the only international bi-annual contemporary art exhibition created exclusively for the World Wide Web. Both the exhibition and the whole production is made online. The first of the series Web Biennial 2003 has been announced, produced, exhibited and documented exclusively on the W.W.W. Web Biennials is not only different from the physical Biennials but also it is different from other online exhibitions and documentation/ presentation models. Web Biennial is an open non-curated, non-thematic exhibition and it does not have any sponsors other than the artists. In this collaboration model the artists present their art individually over a network and a custom navigation system combines them together. In 2005 we started working on an e-symposium model, mobile integration and local individual presentations. It is true that the Web Biennial aims to offer an alternative approach to exhibiting online art but also it aims to bring an alternative method for exhibiting contemporary art online.