Studied literature, aesthetics, philosophy, art, theater and film at the University of Lodz (1971-76, MA in 1976). PhD, University of Lodz in 1987 (avant-garde art and film in Europe 1910-1939). Post-doctoral Degree (habilitation) in 1999 (art of moving image in the age of electronics). His research and writings include the problematic of information society, theory of media and communication, cyberculture and (multi)media arts. He also critically investigates the issues of contemporary art theory and alternative art (avant-garde). Some of his publications include: Information Society. Cyberculture. Multimedia Arts, 2001 (Second Edition 2002); Workshop of the Film Form 1970 - 1977, 2000; Film - Video - Media. Art of the Moving Picture in the Era of Electronics, 1999 (Second Edition 2002); Images at Large. Study on the History of Media Art in Poland, 1998; Avant-Garde. Theoretical Study, 1997; Film - Art of the Great Avant-garde, 1990.