Andreas Lange (*67) studied Comparative Religions and Dramatics (M.A.) at Freie Universität Berlin. His 1994 graduation work "The Stories of Computer Games - Analysed as Myths." was one of the first academic works, in which computer games are treated as cultural artefacts. Since than he works in the business of interactive digital entertainment culture as a curator, author, consultant and an expert among others for the German age rating system USK. Since 1996 he is the director of the Computer Game Museum in Berlin, which opens early 1997 the worlds first permanent exhibition dedicated solely to interactive digital entertainment culture. Since 2002 he is also the founder and CEO of DiGA e.V. - The Digital Game Archive. His latest publication is the book: "Spielmaschinen" [Game Machines] (Berlin, 2002, ISBN: 3-00-010121-7). His latest essays are for the books "Game on. The History and Culture of Videogames" (London 2002, ISBN 1 85669 304 X) and "M_ARS. Kunst und Krieg." (Austria 2003, ISBN 3-7757-1312-3) and "Silent Hill 2. A Introduction" in "See? I'm real... Multidisciplinary Approaches of Computer Games at the Example of ›Silent Hill‹, Germany 2005, ISBN 3-8258-8374-4)