Abstract- Events of Significance

What were pertinent aspects of the first exhibitions of algorithmic computer art? I will characterize the following shows:
- the first exhibitions, all in 1965, in Stuttgart and New York;
- "Cybernetic Serendipity" at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London, August 2 to October 20, 1968;
- "Tendencies 4" in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, a series of events that started with a colloquy on August 3/4, 1968, and continued until a year later, including a competition and the start of a bilingual journal: bit international;
- the "Proposal for an Experimental Exposition" of constructivist and digital art at the 35th Venice Biennale in 1970.
These events will serve as early testimony for the following theses:
(a) during a period of five year, the linear technology of computability prepared the explosion of digital media that would develop its full thrust only twenty years later;
(b) this cultural revolution was felt by (small groups of) practicing artists and scientists, but without major immediate consequences;
(c) the ground for the current media revolution (since the 1990s) was laid during a time that was marked by the great international youth upheaval for radical freedom and democracy. Direct action appears to have the same roots as radical semiotization.Significant events in the history of Digital and Computer Art