Abstract - World Narrative: The Creation of a New ?Place?

The narratives of the modern world, driven by the individual and the pursuit of freedom and individuality, have sought to conquer, control, transform, document, develop and ultimately recreate a sense of place. And there is emerging a new place. A somewhere we are all from. Earth. The collective, communal mind and body of the indigenous is emerging. The values of a collective, democratic, capitalistic economy has forced the issue and we find ourselves increasing belonging to a new place, one held together with shared ideas and values. We've become a community of ideas facilitated by instantaneous technology, media, travel, economics, politics, the English language and fashion. We all belong to the same tribe linked not by a sensorial/bodily being but by ideas and values. This is what we have created, a new virtual place, affecting and evolving our consciousness, psychology, and way we are in and of the world. A world narrative is evolving in order to tell the story of our journey. We are in a moment of transformation, fragility, and new way of being. Who tells, shapes, and controls the narratives holds our collective future. These are the mythic times again for the very new place, unlike any other place, is emerging around us.