Thomas Riccio is a Professor of Performance Studies and Artistic Director at the University of Texas at Dallas. Previous positions include: Professor of Theatre at the University of Alaska Fairbanks; Artistic Director of Chicago's Organic Theater Company; and Artistic Director of Tuma Theatre, an Alaska Native performance group. He has developed and directed performances with the Zulu of South Africa, the Sakha National Theatre of central Siberia, the Greenland Inuit, several tribal groups in Zambia, Sri Lankan Tamils, the !Xuu and Khwe Bushmen of the lower Kalahari. He has conducted workshops and presented lectures throughout the U.S. and Internationally. His academic writings have appeared in TDR, TheatreForum, Theatre Topics, Theatre Research International, Performing Arts Journal, and Shamans Drum. He is currently working on several Immersion Narrative, and performance environments for the Story Lab, collaboration with the Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas.