Kirsty Robertson is an ABD Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Art at Queen's University, in Ontario, Canada. She currently lives in Montreal, Québec, with her partner, two cats and a dog, and intersperses working on her dissertation with a variety of performative/activist actions, a radio show and knitting. Kirsty's dissertation is centered on the intersections of global justiceprotest and visual culture, in particular embodied artistic responses, new media, and new technologies of communication. Her work is widely published, both in academic journals and books, but also in freely distributed zines, internet articles and blogs. Recently, the process of writing her dissertation has lead to the branching out of her interests in a number of directions, particularly with regard to new literacies and the potential for different forms of authorship and readership, and investigating the spaces for activism in wearable technologies and immersive digital environments. Walking through the streets of Montreal with her dog, if asked, Kirsty will often admit to wondering how a dissertation would look if knitted rather than written.