Abstract- "On the History of Interaction between Art and Technology -Toward the Cultural Evolution of Human-being"

Reflection on the historical contribution of several key institutions in the world, which could have changed the art movement since 60s till now drastically, and about the insightful role of the key leaders who had deeply influenced for those movements. But we have still problems facing those institutions from the categorization of the art today and archiving the digital media arts for future. Like no.1: the problematic different ways of assessment and evaluation towards those newer types of media arts based on the scientific or technological society's traditional evaluation systems and also on some conservative contemporary museum of art society. No. 2: How to consider about the real value of each media art which has been ceaselessly renewable by changing the version of the systems or the interface design. And how to make the historical archives of those new art which has been evolving almost as a living art for the future generation. Could computer scientist, programming engineer, and display designer make the collaboration in finding the better way for the emulation of those system-based art and try to pass over the real interactive experiences among the participant today for the future generation?