Born in 1930. Graduated Tokyo University. 1956 - 1990 a journalist mainly covering the fields of arts, science and technology. 1970-1971 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University. 1990-1996 Professor at Keio University, 1996-2003 President of IAMAS. Major publications; "The Coordinate of Beauty", "Katachi-Mandala - Thinking Through Seeing", "Passage of Images", "Expanded Dimension-Beyond the Conflict between Art and Science". Major exhibitions he organized; "Fantasy of Holography", "Cybernetic Art - The world of Vibration Art", "Art in Light and Illusion", "Science Art Gallery for the Japan Pavilion at Expo 92", "Phenomenart for Saibu Gas Pavilion at Asia-Pacific Expo89", "Interactive Art for Kanagawa Science Park 1989", and series of Biennale of Interaction'95,97,99,01, etc. Awarded the Japan Design Award 82, Golden Nica of Honor for Life Achievement at Ars Electronica2003, the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Award Japan, 2003. Honorary Editor for LEONARDO (1996-2005) a journal of ISAST, published from MIT.