Keith Sanborn is a media artist and theorist based in New York. His theoretical work has appeared in a range of publications from journals, such as Artforum, and books to catalogues published by MoMA, Exit Art, and the San Francisco Cinematheque. He has translated into English the work of Guy Debord, René Viénet, Gil Wolman, Georges Bataille and Napoleon. In 2004, in collaboration with his colleagues Su Friedrich and P. Adams Sitney, he organized a conference at Princeton University called: "Gloria! The Legacy of Hollis Frampton." His media work has been the subject of one-person shows and has been chosen for major surveys, including the Whitney Biennial, and festivals such as OVNI (Barcelona), IFFR (Rotterdam), The Toronto International Film Festival, Hong Kong Videotage, and Ostranenie (Dessau). He teaches in the Program in Visual Arts at Princeton University and the Milton Avery Graduate School in the Arts of Bard College.