A filmmaker from New Delhi, India; presently pursuing doctoral research in Film at the Film Academy, University of Glamorgan. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism; an MA in Political Science and an MA in Film. Aparna's film work includes short films within the experimental and documentary categories. She has a sustained engagement with marginal communities, such as the Assamese and displaced Kashmiris in India, British Indians, and the native tribes in the American Southwest, around who she is interested in developing documentaries that are expository and interrogative of the discourses informing their constructions. Her interests in writing span art, film, education and insurgency. Her articles have been published in mainstream media such at The Times of India; and journals such as Seminar. She is an occasional contributor to the Leonardo Digital Reviews. She serves on the editorial panel of the Oxford University. Press.Presently, she is an advisory member for the Black Welsh Film Festival, UK.