I am researcher, art critic and curator currently working in Riga and Berlin. As a freelancer I am collaborating with Center for New Media Culture RIXC (http://rixc.lv) and other creative projects ranging from recollections of 80's samizdat novels and manifestos to the development of net-based script tools. After questioning influence of recording technologies in art, my research looks upon the links between time-based interdisciplinary and new media creative practices from the 1980's and nowadays. The PhD "Interdisciplinary Art Practices in the Post-soviet region from the 1980's till nowadays" is detailed research of the artists work in Riga and Moscow. Since 2000 I curated and co-curated several exhibitions), sound and new media projects. Currently I am engaged as editor of the anthology of the Latvian avant-garde artists group "Workshop of Restoration of Unfelt Sensations (NSRD)". Texts on art, new media and culture have appeared in magazines, catalogues and online publications. (www.kpp.lv/eng/culture/texts_mt_1.php; www.balticart.org/essay)s_mt).html; etc.)