Dot Tuer is a writer, cultural historian and theorist whose work focuses on the intersection of technology, memory, and post-colonialism in contemporary art and Latin American history. Her essays are widely anthologized and she has presented public lectures and written for the National Gallery of Canada, the DIA Centre for the Arts, the Sydney Biennale, the Sao Paulo Biennale, and the National Museum of Fine Arts in Argentina, among others. She has written catalogue essays on many of Canada's leading new media artists including Catherine Richards, Vera Frenkel, David Rokeby, Char Davies, and Nell Tenhaaf. She is the recipient of senior Canada Council and Ontario Arts Council Awards for her critical writing and fiction. A book of her selected writings is forthcoming from YYZ Press in November, 2005. Tuer is Full Professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design and Associate Graduate Faculty at York University and the University of Guelph