Inke Arns - *1968 Duisdorf/Bonn, Germany; since 2005 artistic director of Hartware MedienKunstVerein Dortmund; 1988-1996 studied Slavistics, Eastern European studies, Political science and Art history in Berlin and Amsterdam; 2004 PhD (Dr. phil.) at Humboldt University Berlin. She has been teaching at various universities and art schools, and is currently external examiner at Piet Zwart Institut (Media Design), Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam (2007). Since 1993 independent curator, author and lecturer focussing on media art, net cultures and Eastern Europe. Her curatorial work includes international exhibitions, festivals and conferences. Books include Netzkulturen (2002), Neue Slowenische Kunst (2002) and Avantgarda v vzvratnem ogledalu (Ljubljana 2006). She published numerous articles on media & software art and net culture, a.o. in Media Art Net 2: Key Topics (2005); aRt&D. Research and Development in Art (2005); East Art Map. Art and Eastern Europe (2006).