Abstract- Oliver Grau

MediaArtHistory Image Science Digital Humanities

This talk focuses on the growing relationship of MediaArtHistory, which connects especially art historical, media historical and cultural history research with the history of technology and science forming an integral element of Image Science (GRAU 2001, 2003, 2007)

The presentation creates a "discipline strategic" bridge between North-American and European Image Science, the former being more natural science oriented, the latter gravitating more around the humanities. The primary question is: what value can research in MediaArtHistory achieve within the framework of Image Science? The question will last but not least open up a perspective to overcome the often placement of Media Arts in a ghetto.
The development of the field is supported in an increasingly enduring manner by new scientific instruments like online image and text archives, which attempt to document the art and theory production of the last decades (www.virtualart.at, www.mediaarthistory.org, etc.). Discussing examples, this presentation demonstrates the strategical importance of these collective projects that are made possible through advisory boards, peer review, and active members, especially they are questioned for their growing importance for the digital humanities, as they hopefully came together at Refresh!