Erkki Huhtamo is a media archaeologist, writer, and exhibition curator. He was born in Helsinki, Finland (1958) and works currently as Professor of Media History and Theory at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), Department of Design | Media Arts. He has published extensively on media archaeology and media arts, lectured worldwide, created television programs and curated media art exhibitions. His research in recent years has dealt with topics like peep media, Marcel Duchamp’s optical experiments, the use of 3-D imaging by media artists, the pre-history of the screen, and the archaeology of mobile media. He is currently working on two books, one on the 19th century moving panorama, and another on the archaeology of interactivity. Besides, he is editing a collection of writings on media archaeology with Jussi Parikka. With Doug Kahn and Margaret Morse, he is the editor of the book series “Technoculture and the Arts” for the University of California Press.