Karen Ingham: lens-based artist and writer and currently Sciart Research Facilitator in the Dynevor Centre for Art, Design & Media at Swansea Institute. 2005/6 Ingham was Arts & Humanities Research Council’s ‘Sciart Research Fellow’ at Cardiff School of Biosciences resulting in site-specific installations and publication Seeds of Memory: art, neuroscience and botany. Sciart project Anatomy Lessons (2003-05 AHRC and Wellcome Trust)) was published and exhibited as a series of site-specific installations. ‘Artist in Residence’, Waag Theatrum Anatomicum, Amsterdam 2005. Publications include: Vanitas (Ffotogallery/IRIS 2005); ‘Descartes’ Eye: theorising the art and science of observation’ (New Constellations, Sydney MCA 2006), and ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Professor Moxham’ in Anatomy That is Alive! (Ed. Maaike Bleeker), University of Amsterdam Press 2008. www.sihe.ac.uk/clasi/anatomy.htm