Abstract- Assimina Kaniari

(full paper) http://hdl.handle.net/10002/442

Morphogenesis in Action: D’Arcy Thompson and the experimental in Leonardo from LL Whyte to now

In 1951 LL Whyte edited the proceedings of the symposium Aspects of Form which accompanied the ICA exhibition On Growth and Form curated by Richard Hamilton. Whyte advocated a ‘structural’ vision of nature and art and such an advocacy found its best expression in the writings and emblematic figure of D’Arcy Thompson and his seminal work On Growth and Form first published 1917. While Whyte was one of the early figures associated with Leonardo, Thompson is perhaps one of the most frequently cited reference in discussions on art and mathematics, art and biology, art and new technologies from Leonardo. The paper will present an overview of the different uses of morphogenesis in art, appropriations and interpretations of Thompson’s discussions and concepts artists and theorists have attempted through the pages of Leonardo from the time of LL Whyte until today.