Assimina Kaniari received her doctorate from the Department of Art History, University of Oxford. Her thesis, supervised by Martin Kemp, looked at the uses of aesthetic theory and technical aesthetics in the representation of artifacts as geo-archaeological objects of knowledge and reliable expressions of human agency in 19th century debates on human origins. She is currently a visiting academic to the department of Art History, University of Oxford, working on her D.Phil thesis for publication and on a new book and exhibition project with Martin Kemp on the impact of biological ideas and D'Arcy Thompson's concept of morphogenesis on the development of modernist discourses on form in 20th century art and architecture.
She has been one of the organisers and member of the editing committee of the Meidaterra 2006 ‘Gaming Realities’ conference on art and new technologies which took place in Athens in October 2006 and has worked for exhibitions (Leonardo, Experience, Experiment and Design) and the L’Oreal Art and Science Foundation (Tokyo).