María José Monge: Costa Rica, 1977. Art Historian. Director’s Assistant and Coordinator at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo – MADC). She is currently researching for a Masters in Anthropology in the University of Costa Rica. She has been involved recently in projects such as What is Central America? A region in debate (2006), the Central America Exhibitions of Emergent Art (2004 and 2006), the Central- America exhibitions of video creation and digital Art Imagen Inquieta (2003, 2004, 2005) and the academic programs: Critical Sieges (2003-2006), Confluencias (2005-2006) and In the STREET. Appropriations in public spaces (2006). Has co-curated several exhibitions such as Prácticas al margen/estéticas en construcción (Venezuela, Ecuador, Panamá, Guatemala, 2006); La máquina de hacer niebla (MADC, 2005) Teaches the Career of Photography at the Colegio Universitario de Alajuela and at the National University of Distance Learning.

José-Carlos Mariátegui: Peru, 1975. Scientist (degree in Mathematics) and Media Theorist. Teaches, researches and writes on the themes of art, science, technology and society.
MSc in Information Systems, London School of Economics (LSE, London). Founder of the International Festival of Video and Electronic Art in Lima (1998 - 2003). Curator of exhibitions such as: “Nueva/Vista: Videokunst aus Lateinamerica”, ifa-Galeries, 2002-2003 (Bonn, Berlin, Stuttgart), “Via Satélite” ( and “Videografias In(visibles)” ( Member of the Cultural Diversity Committee of the ISEA. Jury of several prizes and of the Advisory Board of Prix Ars Electronica (2004-2006). Corresponding Editor, Leonardo Electronic Almanac. Node of Tester project (, a platform of critical theory and practice. Has recently edited a reality-check book for SONY (“Zapping al Futuro”, Lima, 2003) and a catalogue/book on the history of media art in Perú (Lima, 2004.) He is currently a PhD candidate of Information Systems at LSE.