Angela Ndalianis is Associate Professor in Cinema Studies at Melbourne University. Her research focuses on the neo-baroque nature of contemporary entertainment culture, media histories and the transmedia collisions of films, computer games, television, comic books and theme parks. Some of her publications include Neo-Baroque Aesthetics and Contemporary Entertainment (MIT Press 2004), Super/Heroes:from Hercules to Superman,(coeditor, New Academia Publishing 2007), Stars in Our Eyes: The Star Phenomenon in the Contemporary Era, (editor, Praeger 2002) and essays in the anthologies Screen Consciousness: Technology, Cinema, Mind and World (Rodopi 2006), Hop on Pop: the Politics and Pleasures of Popular Cultures (DukeUPress 2003), and Rethinking Media Change: The Aesthetics Of Transition (MIT Press 2003). She is currently completing the book Spectopolis:Theme Park Cultures, which looks at the historical and cultural influence of and on the theme park.