Roberto Simanowski received his Ph.D. at the University of Jena in 1996, was Research Fellow at University of Göttingen (1997), Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University (1998-2000), Visiting Scholar at University of Washington (2001), Visiting Professor for Cultural Studies in Digital Media at University of Jena (2002). Since 2003 he is Assistant Professor for German Literature and Digital Aesthetics at Brown University in Providence. Roberto Simanowski is the editor of, a German-English journal on digital aesthetics, which he founded in 1999. Besides articles and books on mass-culture in 18th century, nationalism in German literature and literary salon, he has published extensively on digital literature and arts. He is the author of “Interfictions. Vom Schreiben im Netz” (Interfictions. On Writing on the Net) at Suhrkamp 2002 and “Ästhetik des Spektakels. Postmoderne Doppelkodierung und Avantgarde in digitaler Kunst” (Aesthetics of the Spectacle. Postmodern Double Coding and Avant-Garde in Digital Art) forthcoming 2007 at Transcript, and is currently finishing a book on “Digital Arts. Theory and Close Readings” and co-editing a book on “Digital Literature in Reading and Teaching”.