The RE:SOUND conference will be held at the CREATE Campus of Aalborg University, located in the heart of this great city in Northern Denmark.

CREATE Campus Aalborg University

CREATE is a spacious modern building housing the Aalborg University Department of Architecture, Design, and Media Technology. It contains a large auditorium that seats 249 persons where the main keynotes and conference presentations will be held.

CREATE also consists of a large open hall with big glass front that overlooks the beautiful Aalborg waterfront and Limfjord. This area containing a canteen area where coffee breaks and lunch will be available. This area is part of the main hall where RE:SOUND art installations, as well as conference posters, will be exhibited.

This campus is a rich and vibrant environment filled with creative students and student projects that will compliment the energy and excitement surrounding the RE:SOUND conference.



Getting to CREATE Campus

CREATE is located at:
Rendsburggade 14
9000 Aalborg, Denmark

Musikkens Hus

Located on the waterfront of Aalborg and with a panoramic view of the Liim Fiord, you will find Musikkens Hus (House of Music) – the future musical gathering point of Northern Denmark and an architectural gem, designed by the internationally acknowledged architectural firm Coop Himmelb(l)au.

The Musikkens Hus will house the majority of RE:SOUNDS Art Track. Here you will be able to explore the sound art installations, exhibitions, as well as performances of the RE:SOUND Conference.

Getting to Musikkens Hus

The Musikkens Hus is located along close to the CREATE Campus building just a few hundred meters down the fjord.

Located at:
Musikkens Pl. 1
9000 Aalborg, Denmark

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