Re:live programme

Thu 26 Nov
4.00 – 6.00 pm BMW Edge Registration
6.30 pm Keynote: Lisa Gitelman A Short History of _______
8.00 pm Welcome Drinks
Fri 27 Nov
8.00 – 9.30 am Federation Hall Registration

9.30 – 11.00am

Federation Hall Welcome Su Baker Introduction from VCA
Chair: Welcome Glyn Davis Vice Chancellor University of Melbourne
Paul Thomas Stelarc Prosthetic Head, Special session

Morning Tea

11.30 – 1.00pm Federation Hall realtime Morten Søndergaard Beyond the Point One Zero World
Chair: particular works, liveness, realtime Eva Kekou The City as a projection space
Ross Harley particular works Francesca Franco The first computer art show at the 1970 Venice Biennale. An experiment or product of the bourgeois culture?
Seminar Room performance Larissa Hjorth Cartographies of the mobile: the personal as political
Chair: performance Chris Chesher Converging technologies of spatial navigation in
computer games and portable digital devices
Kim Machan performance Sam Hinton Constructing the First Person Shooter
performance Ingrid Richardson Playing Outside the Magic Circle: the Hybrid Corporealities of Mobile Gaming
Cinema 2 innovation Susan Ballard Erewhon: framing media utopia in the antipodes
Chair: particular works, performance, innovation, realtime Jon Cates RE:COPYing-IT-RIGHT AGAIN
Leon Marvell performance, innovation Gabriel Menotti Gonring Executable Cinema: Demos, Screensavers and Videogames as Audiovisual Formats


2 – 3.30pm

Federation Hall particular works Cat Hope Earth Pulse: vibrational data as artistic inspiration
Chair: particular works, innovation Joanna Walewska Relationship of art and technology: Edward Ihnatowicz’s philosophical investigation on the problem of perception.
Ross Harley particular works Monika Gorska-Olesinska Polish digital poetry – lack of “prehistoric” artifacts or missing narrative?
Cinema 2 innovation Andres Burbano Between punched film and the first computers, the work of Konrad Zuse
Chair: innovation and enviroment Marianne Schmidt Virtureal
Melinda Rackham innovation Daniela Alina Plewe Transactional Art as a Form of Interactive Art
3.30 – 5pm Federation Hall enviroment Pia Ednie-Brown Technologies of Vitality and a Changing Innovation Climate.
Chair: innovation Mark Guglielmetti A-Life: the creation and development of new modes of realism
Sean Cubitt environment Suzette Worden Art-Science Connections for the visualisation of minerals: historical precedents for media arts
Cinema 2 (*-online session) life sciences Jens Hauser Still, Living: Staging the Ephemeral between Nature Morte and Art Involving Biotechnology
Chair: life sciences, machines, innovation Natasha Vita-More Interconnected Significance: Human Enhancement and Radical Life Extension
Anna Munster life sciences Ionat Zurr* How does zoë transform bio into media?
Seminar Room particular works, innovation, machines Leon Marvell & Rudy Rucker Lifebox Immortality & How We Got There
Chair: particular works, innovation, machines Leon Marvell & Rudy Rucker Lifebox Immortality & How We Got There
Paul Brown


6.30 pm

BMW Edge Keynote: Douglas Kahn Far out: Brainwaves in inner space and outer space.
Drinks/nibbles Launch Art Monthly


Sat 28 Nov
9.30 -11.00am Federation Hall performance Paul Sermon* Telematic Practice and Research Discourses
Chair: performance Katja Kwastek “Your number is 96 – please be patient” – Modes of Liveness and Presence investigated through the lens of interactive artworks
Oliver Grau performance, particular works Mike Leggett Early Video Art as Private Performance
Seminar Room particular works Manosh Chowdhury The Corporate Art?: Exhaustion of Electronic Space for the Promotionals in Bangladesh
Chair: innovation Brogan Bunt Pre-Socratic Media Theory
Alessio Cavallaro particular and innovation Jung-Yeon Ma A Short History of Media Art Events in Japan and Korea since late 1990s: Japan Media Arts Festival and Seoul International Media Art Biennale
Cinema 2 performance Lizzie Muller An indeterminate archive for David Rokeby’s “The Giver of Names”
Chair: particular works Thomas Mical Blurring Media-Architecture in 2009
Mike Stubbs particular works Stefano Raimondi Nanoart: First Steps Beyond the Columns of Hercules

Morning Tea

11.30 – 1.00pm Federation Hall performance Danielle Wilde A New Performativity : Wearables and Body-Devices
Chair: Performance Melentie Pandilovski The media art activities of the Soros Center For Contemporary Arts – Skopje, Macedonia
Ted Colless performance, machines Laura Beloff The Hybronaut and Other Unexpected Approaches to Wearable Technology
Seminar Room environment Andrea Gleiniger «Architekturen des Augenblicks» – a phenomenological view on the medialization of urban space
Chair: environment Anne-Marie Duguet Natural phenomena actualized through technology.
Melentie Pandilovski environment, innovation Denisa Kera Apocalypse and Media Art
Cinema 2 machines Allison de Fren Disarticulating the Artificial Woman
Chair: machines Audrey Samson Haunted profiles; social networking sites and the crisis of death.
Darren Tofts machines Margaret Seymour Cyborgs and robots: imitation or provocation?


2 – 3.30pm Federation Hall performance Lucas Ihlein Re-Enacting Expanded Cinema: Three Case Studies
Chair: performance Ryszard W. Kluszczynski Viewer as Performer
Anna Munster innovation Marcin Skladanek Metadesign and Media Art
Seminar Room performance NIgel Llwyd William Helyer The Sonic Commons; and the privatisation of the aural vis-à-vis
Chair: performance Chris Salter The Stage as Organism: Liveness, Dynamics and Expression in Early Twentieth Century Scenography
Daniel Palmer particular works, performance Slavko Kacunko Live Media Art and Japan’s Role: A historical and contemporary sideview
3.30 – 5pm Federation Hall particular works, innovation Darren Tofts Writing media art into (and out of) history
Chair: particular works Stephen Jones Bush Video
Leon Marvell particular works Edward Shanken * Reprogramming Systems Aesthetics: A Strategic Historiography
Cinema 2 machines Zita Joyce Networked communities in New Zealand media arts
Chair: machines Ernest Edmonds The Art of Conversation
Paul Brown
6.30 pm BMW Edge Keynote: Zhang Ga From timelapse to timecollapse or from representation to presentation


Sun 29 Nov
9.30 -11.00am Federation Hall particular works Ross Harley (panel) Australia Video Art Histories: A media arts archeology for the future
Chair: particular works John Conomos Australia Video Art Histories: A media arts archeology for the future
Paul Thomas particular works Anne Finnegan Australia Video Art Histories: A media arts archeology for the future
particular works Danni Zuvella Australia Video Art Histories: A media arts archeology for the future
Seminar Room particular works Mike Stubbs Abandon Normal Devices – they dont seem to work
Chair: particular works Lissa Mitchell Negotiating the future – a new media collection in a public art museum
Lisa Gye particular works Rosana Monteiro Reconfiguration of knowledges. Medical images between art, science and technology.
Cinema 2 particular works, innovation Ian Clothier Animating the Inanimate: Haiku robots, multiplicities of time and intercultural context
Chair: particular works, performance, machines Caroline Langill The Living Effect: Autonomous Behaviour in Early Electronic Media Art
Darren Toft particular works, performance, machines Sarah Kenderdine The Relocation of Theatre: Making UNMAKEABLELOVE

Morning Tea

11.30 – 1.00pm

Federation Hall innovation Martin Constable and Adele Tan Visual Digitality: Towards Another Understanding
Chair: innovation Dimitris Charitos Locative media art practices: locating meaning and narrative in hybrid spaces
Helen Stuckey performance, innovation Anders Carlsson The Forgotten Pioneers of Creative Hacking and Social Networking – Introducing the Demoscene
Cinema 2 machines and innovation Gebhard Sengmüller VSSTV – Rediscovery and Re-Interpretation of a Televisionary Parallel Universe
Chair: performance Robrecht Vanderbeeken Relive the Virtual: An Analysis of Unplugged Performance-installations
Melentie Pandilovski particular works and machines Lawrence Bird Re-animating the technical body in the Metropolis tales: Lang, Tezuka, Rintaro


2 – 3.30pm

Federation Hall particular works Nina Wenhart ARS ELECTRONICA – re:shaping a city’s cultural identity
Chair: particular works Darko Fritz * Histories of live meetings – case study: five conferences on computer-generated art and related theories in Zagreb, 1968 – 1978
Sean Cubitt particular works Ana Peraica* Overcoming media arts
Cinema 2 Videotage Panel Helen Mary Grace A Paleontology of the Present
Chair: Videotage Panel Norman Ford no title
Alessio Cavallaro Videotage Panel Hector Rodriguez The Black Box
3.30 – 5pm Federation Hall life sciences, machines Roger Malina* The History Of Intimate Science: Artists beyond the senses
Chair: Plenary Session
Paul Thomas, Sean Cubitt