re:place general programme

Pre-Conference Meetings
13-15 November
Conference Day 1
Thurs, 15 November 2007
Conference Day 2
Fri, 16 November 2007
Conference Day 3
Sat, 17 November 2007
Feedback Session
and Panels

Sun, 18 November 2007
14 November, Wed., 10.00-19.00, Conference Hall 2
At the crossroads of Media Art, Technology and Education

13 – 15 November,
Conference Hall 1
Online Archives of Media Art – Contextualisation, Metadata, Translation


Visit the Flusser-Archiv
10:00 UdK Berlin-Schöneberg

14:00 – 15:00 Auditorium

Opening Session

Panel 1: 15:00 – 17:30, Auditorium
Place Studies: Art/Science/Engineering

Panel 2: 15.00-17.30, Theatersaal
Intersections of Media and Biology

Humboldt University

Special Lecture Presentation: 21.00
TESLA Media>Art<Lab Berlin

Cinemedia: Archaeologies of Computation and AI in Cinema

Panel 3: 10.00-12.30, Auditorium
Histories of Abstraction

Panel 4: 10.00-12.30, Theatersaal
Comparative Histories of Art Institutions

Poster Session


Panel 5: 15.00-17.30, Auditorium
Place Studies: Media Art Histories

Panel 6: 15.00-17.30, Theatersaal
Media Theory in Cultural Practice

General Discussion – 17.30-18.30, Auditorium

Forum Discussion – ISEA2008
Conference Hall 3

Keynote 1: 20.00Auditorium
On Deep Time Relations between Arts, Sciences,
and Technologies

Siegfried Zielinski

Panel 7: 10.00-12.30, Auditorium
Interdisciplinary Theory in Practice 

Panel 8: 10.00-12.30, Theatersaal
Place Studies: Russia / Soviet Union

Poster Session


Panel 9: 14.30-17.00, Auditorium
Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Panel 10: 14.30-17.00, Theatersaal
Cybernetic Histories of Artistic Practices

General Discussion – 17.30-18.30, Auditorium

Forum Discussion- Access for International Scholarship – Archiving

18:30-20:00, Conference Hall 3 (dinner discussion)

Keynote 2: 20.00Auditorium
Dreams of a Perfect Medium

Lorraine Daston

Conference Hall 1

Presentation of Results of the LBI Workshop on Documentation and Metadata

Forum Discussion: 10.00-12:00
Conference Hall 3 
Music(ology) and Media Art

Forum Discussion: 10:00-12:00 Conference Hall 2
Rebooting Cyberfeminism


Feedback Session and planning for re: conference follow-up in 2009

(to be presented in the poster exhibition and in short lunchtime presentations) (several yet t.b.c.)

Su Ballard (NZ): ‘Real Time’: Early Encounters with Immersive Installation in Aotearoa New Zealand

Clarisse Bardiot
(FR): The Artists and Engineers of 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering, New York, 1966

Ross Bochnek
(US): When Clinical Neuropsychology Met Time-Based Art

Wayne Clements
(UK): The Descent of New Media: Art, Warfare and Cambridge Cybernetics

Lenka Dolanova
(CZ): What They Were Cooking in There: Cooks, Their Kitchen and the Taste of Fresh Video

Ernest Edmonds (UK/AU): Human and Robot Behaviour: Art meets AI

Francis Arsene Fogue Kuate (Cameroon): The contribution of technical centres to the development of Media Art in Africa: A case study of the Audiovisual Professional Training Centre of Ekounou (Yaounde)

Francesca Franco (IT/UK): New Media Art and an Institutional Crisis in the History of the Venice Biennale, 1968

Darko Fritz (HR/NL): Vladimir Bonacic: Dynamic Objects (1968-1971) – computer-generated works made in Zagreb within New Tendencies art network (1961-1973)

Yara Guasque (BR), Sandra Albuquerque Reis Fachinello (BR), Silvia Guadagnini (BR): Skipping Stages. From constructivism in architecture and in poetry to the digital media: searching for parameters to understand the emerging media and the formation of a specialized audience in Brazil

Rosana Horio Monteiro (BR): Art and Science Playing on the Margins. On the discovery of photography in the 19th century Brazil

Karen Ingham (UK): A Ticket to The Theatre of The Dead: Re-framing Interdisciplinarity in the Bio-medical Theatre

Maude Ligier (FR): How cybernetics entered the world of art? The case of Nicolas Schöffer

David McConville (US): Cosmological Cinema: Pedagogy, Propaganda, and Perturbation in Early Dome Theaters

Vytautas Michelkevicius
(LT): (Post)Photography and Media Art: Rethinking Institutionalization and Public Curatorship in Lithuania

Simon Mills (UK): framed: Interviews with New Media Writers and Artists

Maria Jose Monge (Costa Rica), Jose-Carlos Mariategui (PE): Between a ‘New Media Hub’ and an Unknown History: New Media Art in Costa Rica

Angela Ndalianis (AU), Lisa Beaven (AU), Saige Walton (AU): Technologies of Wonder – a Pansemiotic Approach

Ariane Noel de Tilly (CA): The different ‘versions’ of John Massey’s As the Hammer Strikes (A Partial Illustration)

Ryan Pierson
(US): Thinking Space: Mediating IBM’s Deep Blue in the History of Computers

Markku Reunanen (FI): Observations on the Adoption of Science in a Subculture

Nina Samuel (DE/CH): Re-Reading Fractals: Towards an Archeology of the Digital Form

Roberto Simanowski (DE/US): The Art of Mapping Data: Statistics, Naturalism, and Transformation

Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss (AT/FI): Paul Otlet’s impact on visual knowledge building in current developments of Web 2.0

Melanie Swalwell (NZ): Early Digital Games Production in New Zealand

Carolyn Tennant (US), Kathy High (US): The Experimental Television Center

Claudia X. Valdes (CL/US), Phillip Thurtle (US): From Spiderman to Alba: transgenics in a post-nuclear world