Methodologies, Practices, Histories

The track calls for proposals that explore and contextualize the histories, methodologies and practices of art and technology. This track is organized in 3 sessions and we welcome proposals which address the focus of one of the specified session themes below. However, we also welcome proposals addressing the track’s general theme.

Session 1:

Many media appear predicated on a paradigm of reproduction. For instance, music files or streams, movies, and in-game audio; if there is interaction between a medium and its surroundings it is often seem as problematic (e.g. compromised audio quality with headphones or in cars). Few works acknowledge or appropriate on-location audio such Alvin Lucier's well-known 'I am sitting in a room' performance. This sub-track calls for submissions that challenges the paradigm of uni-directional audial reproduction, and collects, describes, discusses and reflects on perspectives and possibilities of multi-directional audio. For instance, a digital horror-game could employ ambient or environmental sounds recorded from the player's surroundings at play-time.

Chair :

  • Daniel Cermak Sassenraath, ITU Denmark

Session 2:

The session calls for proposal that investigate the experience of hearing / non-hearing, including:

  1. The physical condition of non-hearing, namely the deafness, such as:
    • Past, present and future of sound amplification
    • The impact of deaf-targeted amplifying equipment on mainstream technology (e.g. cybernetics, sound film)
    • The deaf experience of sound and music (e.g. vibrations, amplification)
    • The “translation” of music into signing
    • Usage of deaf-targeted instruments in art
  2. Deliberate non-hearing, especially in urban public spaces:
    • Practices of isolation from unwanted/unpleasant/threatening sounds
    • Both everyday and artistic strategies of sound elimination or selection
    • Architectural aspects of creating quiet or soundproof rooms and spaces
    • Headphones, walkman, ipod… - the tools of sound elimination and selection
    • Hearing and non-hearing in different cultural contexts

Chair :

  • Magdalena Zdrodowska

Session 3:

Practice-based research is a growing field with many trajectories and formats. The academic field of arts-informed research is positioned in-between the methods more traditional art academies and the media art and culture programs at universities. What possibilities does practice-based research harbour for, firstly, the academic field of art and technology proper and, secondly, for the tackling of societal challenges?

Practice-based research is a growing field with many trajectories and formats. This session calls for submissions that investigate and contextualize academic arts-informed research, its theories and methodologies, its merits, histories, challenges and possible futures.


  • Palle Dahlstedt
  • Falk Heinrich